Long Way's To Hollywood

by P1.Da.Artizt

P1DaArtizt is also one of our seasoned artist. With a very heavy music background, P1 has been around the creation of music even at the early stages of his life, his dad played drums and bass guitar, which led to P1 himself playing the drums which later translated into a brief 2-3 year period of producing beats which then translated to who we know him now as his stage name, his influences early on were J.Cole and Early Drake material...he also loves the work of kanye west, wale, big sean, and kendrick lamar...all great artists but P1's main influences that made him pick up a pen and pad were no other than J.Cole and Drake, they made music that was very unapologetic, and honest and spoke on things that could only be talked about if you had experienced it yourself. He believes that music lasts longer when it touches a certain emotion whether it makes you extremely happy or extremely sad, "people will always remember songs that related to them in extreme emotion of any kind." he hasnt been out very long but when you hear his music you can tell he has been doing this for quite some time, he has made a studio out of his bedroom and he engineers all of his songs too, keep an eye out for P1DaArtizt on his rise to stardom