aphillyated - dj, engineer, producer, ceo

    aphillyated - dj, engineer, producer, ceo

Clifton Charles Scott, better known as “DJ Aphillyated”, is an up and coming disc jockey. Growing up in mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Aphillyated has been an inspiration to the new generation of kids growing up on the 1200 block of Johnson street. Being the youngest of four, Aphillyated turned to his passion and love for music in the toughest times of his life, even though he was unable to afford any dj equipment.

"My uncle jay and my dad sparked my interest in music. My uncle played biggie smalls all the time & My dad would play some of the greatest throwbacks from his time. my dad even gave me songs to sample or study" - Aphillyated Said. 

"My first gig as a dj PAid me $400.00. All because another dj ruined his chance. i got it!!!" - Said Aphillyated. He dropped his college housing and used the refund check to buy his first set. Since then, Aphillyated started making a name for himself, and was able to work under well-known DSU DJ “Gifted Hands.

"Gifted hands showed me the fundamentals of being a DJ. What the do's & Do not's were. he took me under the wing when he didn't have to. Dj giftedhands rocked with me ever since he first heard me spin". 

Besides being a DJ, Aphillyated is also a producer, an engineer & label owner of Aphillyated Music Group llc. "AMG" is a platform for artist to independently gain support. We are here to shed light on the talent hidden within our communities.

Aphillyated productions is a Multifaceted organization that will cover professions such as: fashion, photography, News, art & much more. aphillyated music group will be providing for our artist free studio time, free beats, free distribution to our partners listed below, discounted video & photoshoots.

(Please see our A.P Studios page for rates)

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